Spirits tend to be present at nearly every gathering – friends or family. At Demos, we have your thirst covered with the largest selection of Greek spirits than any of the other restaurants in Watertown. From wine to beer and signature cocktails, here is a look at how we’re bringing a bit of Greece to your gathering.

Greek Spirits

For those looking to eliminate the mixer, spirits on the rocks is an excellent option. In Greece, the Mediterranean sun allows for some of the best distillation. Producing sweet yet surprisingly smooth spirits, many of these options are enjoyed from appetizer to nightcap.


  • Haraki Tsikoudia – A very popular Greek Grapa from the Patsakis Distillery. Smooth and bursting with the sweet flavors of grape skin used during distillation, Haraki pairs exceptionally well with appetizers. If you’re looking for something even sweeter, be sure to try Haraki Honey.
  • Plomari Ouzo – Another spirit distilled from a blend of grape skins, Ouzo is a popular cultural choice. With the addition of anise, this widely consumed spirit is soft and sweet with other flavors like fennel, cardamom, coriander, and sometimes clove and cinnamon. Sometimes referred to as the national drink of Greece, Ouzo is said to contain healing properties as well!

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Wine Galore

However delicious our spirits and cocktails are, we also understand that these drinks are not for everyone. Enter the largest authentic wine selection of all the restaurants in Watertown. At Demos, we have choices of red, white, rose, and retsina sure to compliment any meal. Even if you are stopping in for a quick break from shopping, a nice glass of wine is always the perfect way to unwind and regroup. Below are a few of our most popular selections:


  • Brousko – In both red and white, this Crete import provides a dry experience with spicy and fruity notes.
  • Trygos Santorini – You guessed it, imported from Santorini this full, well-balanced wine has distinctive flavors that linger.
  • Kyklos Agiorgitiko – From the Nemea appellation of Greece, this wine provides a velvety taste with a wonderful balance of floral notes.
  • Kehribari Retsina – An unoaked dry white with a slightly tangy flavor and hints of pine.
  • Apelia Rose – From Korinthos, this is another unoaked wine that is delightfully dry with a delicate finish.
  • Chrisohouu Xinomavro – If you’re looking for a deep red, this blend from Naoussa will not disappoint with its rich, woody taste.


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When it comes to restaurants in Watertown, Demos has your cravings covered. From authentic Greek appetizers to signature cocktails, if you’re craving it, we got you!

Visit us today at 64 Mt. Auburn Street for the most authentic Greek experience in the area!