Often, we find ourselves tired of the same old go-to locations for lunch. Thus, we end up in a vicious circle of online searching for “lunch near me.” A search that leads one to endless pizza and sub shops. Yet, if you look just a bit further, the ultimate sandwich appears – the gyro. You’ve heard of it, you’ve wondered about it, but what exactly is a gyro?


Everything you’ve ever wondered about the Greek gyro

Let’s start by saying a gyro is not a gyro unless it’s a traditional Greek gyro. How can you tell? Well, a traditional gyro is generally made from chicken, beef, or lamb. Regardless of the protein, we rotisserie the meat to juicy tenderness full of unique and distinct flavors. No, not salt and pepper. Flavors that will have your mouth watering.

Greek meat seasonings vary but typically include oregano, rosemary, thyme, and, often, cumin. The combination of spices in conjunction with the slow cook process leaves you with nothing less than perfection. Well, that is if the meat is properly sliced! The only way to achieve the results your taste buds crave is to thinly slice your protein and serve it on flatbread. No bulky sub rolls here.

With homemade flatbread, one is empowered to truly savor the flavors of the protein – without competing over starchy bread. Instead, you’ll enjoy the protein and the fixings. With our famous tzatziki and toppings like lettuce, tomato, and onions, we promise you’ll be coming back time and again.


gyros near me


Tired of the ‘lunch near me’ search?

If so, trust us, we get it. So, we’d like to suggest saving some time and coming in to visit our family at Demos! If you’re new to Watertown, let us entice you a bit more.

Demos is a Greek staple located at 64 Mt. Auburn Street. For decades, residents of the area knew to come here for the best, authentic Greek experience. However, time went on, and the business needed a little TLC. Enter two young entrepreneurs with a dream. George and Manny purchased Demos with enthusiasm and revitalized the restaurant to its former glory. Don’t worry, nothing changed with the authentic cuisine! Instead, the traditional Greek cuisine that everyone loved remained, but with the addition of a few fun new items.


“Clean, friendly service, great portions. Baklava is so delicious, we also order another to take home. Highly recommend this old staple in Watertown.”

Need we say more?


Stop wasting time searching for ‘lunch near me,’ and come into Demos to experience the best gyros in town! Not in the mood for a sandwich, don’t worry, we promise we have your cravings covered.